Sunday, August 21, 2005

long weekend

..been having a right good time this weekend. My cousin, Don, who is a trial lawyer in Durham, NC, has a 4 story chalet on Hyco Lake, fed by Hyco Creek north of Roxboro. He invited us up for a wang dang doodle celebrating the 21st yr. since his first daughter's (the beautiful Miss Collin's) birth. He has a band called Randy Anderson and The....oops..sorry..well nevermind what they are called...they can all play. We went through all the wedding hits.."BrownEyed Girl", "Heard it Through the Grapevine", "Play that funky music, White Boy", " I Wanna Take you Higher" and some obscure Stevie Wonder thing, (well..actually it was a big hit, I was just too F'ed up to remember). Folks had dey asses a'shakin'!! We threw on down 'till 1:30 or so before the thang shut down. Woke up with bruises on my damn hands from a tamborine beatdown I inflicted upon myself.
Got home around 1pm from the Lake and figgered I'd go approve the proofs of the cover of the record over to Jack's crib. It's all good, make the damn thang already!..if there's a screwup we will post a notice on the website. It's that kinda world!.. ain't nothing final. Do you think TV was invented to keep America dumb? Think about it..
I've been sitting here for the last hour trying to figger out if the real record was better than the bonus CD or vicey vercy? I'll tell ya what, ya ain't never heard a better guitar solo than the one that Mike Krause plays on the song "Count on it" on nothing! ...And I'm putting it up there with the one that Mick Taylor played on "Time waits for no one"!!!!
But the crowd at the Lake last night was shitting on themselves about the new record which is it? You decided! ...and soon!

"Honk if you hate noise pollution!"

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