Wednesday, August 10, 2005

done deal

God! I can't believe how involved this record making thing is! I'm used to handing the record off to the record company, hoping they like it, approving the mastering, then just doing some minor tweeks on the cover and approving it for release. This time OUR asses are on the line. It's OUR money we've put into the thing. And from top to bottom, note for note, word for word, Jack and I have had to weigh the the viability of every single idea that's popped into our heads (and the heads of others) about this record.
The songs started without a care. I was determined to write whatever I wanted to and not to change'm for anybody! ..not for radio (ha ha!) or TV (even bigger HA HA!...but ya never know "Safety First" was on a show on the Oxygen Network!). That's why I can say "Kiss My Ass!" in a song, cuz it's me, it's just the way I am. These are songs I wrote for myself to listen to and I ain't changing'm! Focus?! Fuck focus! Rock like ass! There's yer focus! This record is a part of all of us in the OAKTeam and now it's done and it's headed to manufacturing in the morning. I really hope y'all dig it and I think you will, otherwise we wouldn't have worked so hard on it. I'm already hearing "Best one yet!" and the like from people that I trust and who know music. I hope so. Isn't that what we want? learn from our mistakes and get matter what age?


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