Monday, August 22, 2005

doggie pee-pee's

Jack's been workin' on the cover for the bonus disc this weekend. The CD itself will have printing on it but we're only gonna put it in a sleeve for ya. You're gonna have to download your own cover. So he sends me what he's got so far and I'm making a few minor changes to him over the phone like..."uhhh Jack, is that Pilate's little pee-pee I see right there on the front?" Pilate is the dog on the cover with a monkey in his mouth and who is also a featured vocalist on the real record. He just started howling while I was recording vocals on "Feel a Drunk comin' On" so we just left it on there. (Hey! it was what it needed!) "Yup, that sure is his little pee-pee" he says. "Uhh.. are ya sure we need to see all of that? I mean, can't you put a black box over it or something? Yeah!...and maybe one across his eyes too, that would be cool, huh?!"..."Nope"
So there ya go people, I tried. But I think we're stuck with the doggie porn shot. (I think I'm gonna put a black piece of tape over mine!)

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