Wednesday, August 17, 2005

date change

It's been a wild, wacky and frankly HAIRY 24 hours...we realized at the last minute that there might be a conflict on the original date for the CD release party. The No Depression Anniversary Party was the same night at the Cat's Cradle. So instead of having our friends, Caitlin Cary and Scott McCall (not to mention our audience) not be able to come, we've moved the date to the 24th of September. Thanks to Eric at The Pour House for his understanding and patience. The new date will be much less, shall we say..worrisome. Jack has ordered new T-shirts (2 new designs) and buttons for the event.The contest remains intact. The only change is that there are an extra 2 weeks in which to get your picture in. We've received some already and they're gonna be tough to beat. But ya never know until you try. Plus, ALL of the pictures will probably get on the website...especially the topless ones! Just kiddin'.. (not really!) Some of the new CD's arrived today. The bonus discs which will be given away to the first 100 orders arrived today on the doorsteps of doublenaught records. Lookin' good! Jack is working on the cover for it which will be downloadable from the website. It's all comin' together quite nicely afterall.



Mick ( said...

I'm so glad that 1) my bosses at work have been so slow in sussing out if I can have the holiday for the concert so that I wasn't able to book the flight last week & 2) the flight price increased by over £150 just before I thought 'sod it' and booked a trip over for the 10th Sept. anyway ... otherwise I'd have spent £500 for a weekend in Raleigh with no decent gig to go to.

Now should I check the flights for the weekend of the 24th ?

TA said...

Man! The club is figgering out the openers and I haven't heard from them in a day or so. It's 99% set in stone. I'll let ya know ASAP!