Thursday, August 04, 2005

cover art comin' together

Workin' with Jack tonight, we've decided that the bestest is the simplest! So here's what the new Oakteam record will look like..If you're familiar with "digi-pack", this refers to a soft cardboard cover, now imagine the bottom 2 guys on the front of the OakTeam T-shirt..if you don't have one..then i can't help ya!...THAT'S IT! OK, those 2 guys are the front of the record...and that's it! Pretty simple, huh? But that's not all! Everything you see upon opening the CD is in black and white..then! you realize there's more!..yup! inside the sleeve is a poster of the OakTeam (in full glorious color!) and on the back of that are more pictures (color as fuckin' well!) and all the lyrics of the really looks amazing...You can buy one at our CD release party...(shhh! it's Sept. 10th @ The Pour House in Raleigh, NC, USA!!) and forevermore after that on the Oakteam Ain't a damn thang wrong with it!



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