Saturday, August 13, 2005

car nuts

Good God, it's hot 'round here! A perfect day for a limey flavored tequila drink. Don't mind if I do...
In an Email from my friend John Holcomb, I was reminded about what a car nut I was when I was a kid. I'd beg and plea for the newest muscle car mag that had just come out. That's what I wanted to do with the song, "Purple GTO", cojure up all those images I remember of mags, lifters, shifters, racing stripes, the gas pedal with the foot on it, dual exhaust, those big wide tires with no tread..just all that stuff. I used to stand there looking at all that shit while my Mom was shopping at the IGA. Sometimes I would slide the latest edition of Juggs or Gallery inside but most of the time I really was looking at cars and lusting after them. I wanted, and still do, a '57 Chevy more than anything in the world! Problem now is that I can afford the car a lot more than I can the gas to put in it!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

First of all,
Good work on the blog! I love to read your stories and they're mostly damn funny too.
But don't get me started on the gas price!
A gallon of gas costs (converted) 6,67 dollars here in The Netherlands. I don't think you guys have anything to complain about, when you know this!!!
Cheers, Gerben (of