Monday, August 29, 2005

antique roadshow

Y’all ever watch “Antique Roadshow” on PBS? It’s the one where some old geezer about my age brings in what he thinks is a thousand year old dinosaur turd that is carved into a small replica of a West Indian village and expects to get about 380 grand for it. What I love about this show is that the people that are being told “yes, it’s worth approximately 67 million, 460 thousand and nine dollars” really act like the appraiser is fixin’ to pull that money right outta his pocket and hand it to them! “No!” “Oh my God!” “Really!?” “You are shittin’ me!!! (crying) “I told Mama… it would worth ..something day…. Goddamnit!”
Hell man! It’s just one dude’s opinion! That could very well be just a replica village turd that somebody in China made. Jeez! Get a grip! It might be a bigger turd than you think it is! Y’all always looking something for nuthin’..shooz!


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TA said...

Get the fuck off'a my blog, bitch!

Ooops, that was for Annonymous only..I didn't really mean you!

Jason B. Graves said...

Dude- Your Blog here was spot on. You need to fix the comments to shield the spam you are getting. All aside, I used to love that show until I realized that PBS was giving me a hand job! Have you watched the new "Cash in the Attic?" Same deal... Like Grandma's old love seat that smells like death is worth millions. For that you can blame e-bay. Keep up the rants-