Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Yayhoos stuff

Yayhoos @ Lakeside
Photo by
James Sigman
Jersey City, NJ

Just got some mixes from "Put the Hammer Down!" that Roscoe and Timbo did last week and Holy Guacamole! They're the first 8 songs we cut and if the rest of the record is gonna sound like this!..hold on to your hats! That 26 inch kick drum we used has cut a groove so fat that you could drive a semi truck through it (and pass another one!) I've really never heard anything like it! Just imagine AC/DC and The Rolling Stones making a record together in a great modern recording setup. And I love this band for letting me unleash some of my Keith Moon licks. I spent many an afternoon after school beating the hell outta my kit to "Quadrophenia", "Who's Next" and "Who's on First" (NO WAIT! that was an Abbott and Costello routine...might be cool with a rap beat behind it though..hmmmm..) Anyway, glad to see those afternoons weren't spent fer naught! ..y'all ain't gonna be disappointed!


shane dunlap said...

Hey Terry,
What's up? This is the second time I have tried to get in so must be something I ain't doing right yet.
So, to get this right, the sats broke up, then got back together to do record No.1 with Battleship Chains and Keep Your...?, then that was released in 1986? What made them break up to make up and get that kinda exposure. What's your thought on how re-forming helps to blow the lid off the 'sucka.

TA said...

not sure I understand your question but The Sat's were offerd a deal WHILE they were broke up, mostly because the record company heard both of those songs and wanted to release them as the same band. They didn't want The Woods.