Saturday, July 30, 2005


It was sometime around the days when Chuck went stereo that we got Warren. You know, the replacement for Barney on The Andy Griffith Show? As a general rule I will turn the channel immediately when I see Andy and Opie in color. But just to punish myself I will sometimes watch 15, 30 or even as much as 45 seconds of the "newer" Andy's. Warren, huh?, Warren, huh?, Warren, huh? Warren, huh? Warren, huh? ahhhh! That bit got played so FAST!How in the hell did Andy ever think that this doofass could compensate for such a huge loss as Barney? When Barney left they should'a closed up shop and called it a day. The only savior could'a been Ernest T. Bass. But by that time, it was too late. Ernest T. was left in the dust of the black and white days and (I didn't know this until his recent death) unbelievably was in only 12 episodes! He made a huge imprint on the show! I love when Ernest T. goes back to school and Mrs. Wall-eee asked him to spell "twelve"..his response..."Tweee..L...V!" Beautiful! So hail, to Ernest T.!, hail to Barney! ..and a big 'ol f*ck you! to Warren! Get off my TV!! twerp!! Hell, I'da rather had Gomer!



Myron said...

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TA said...

maybe W can help you wid dat! Have a nice day!