Saturday, July 16, 2005


Practice last night was a hoot! At first it was scheduled for 8-8:30, then I got a call from my friend, Bob Davis, road manager dude guy for (at the present) System of a Down. He said the guys in Watershed (Columbus, OH) are gonna be crushed if you don't come to their gig tonight, "they worship at the alter of Terry Anderson!"...Uh..yeah right... "whut time, Bob? .."9-ish.." "Well, I have practice!" .."Screw that! Y'all know them damn songs! Git yo ass down here!" .."OK, I'll watch the first song or 2 and THEN go to practice!" Thass what I did. I walked in the back door of the Lincoln Theater, went straight to the dressing room, looked in the fridge and grabbed a Guiness..."Anybody looking for Terry Anderson?" "Hey!!!!" ( was on!) We talked until it was time for them to go on. They hit the stage and rocked like hell. I really REALLY hated to leave! They were great! But I HAD to git to practice! Grabbed another Guiness and ran out the back door...
I walked in and everyone was pretty much ready to I told them that the record was done so we should start preparing for the CD release party...and I wanted to play the record in order right off the bat when it happened, prolly Sept. We rocked like ass, ran the record down, then left! Best version of "Check Please" EVER! Guess I was inspired by the Watershed guys!

Can't wait to hear the new mixes that Roscoe sent me of the new Yayhoss stuff in the morning!

Once at a Satellites show, Steve Marriott got up and killed everybody in the house, especially me! He brought the place down and then walked off stage and straight to the bar. I said, "Steve, let me buy you a drink!" He hollered out to the bartender..."triple Chivas!" ...You bastard! That was 9 dollars! Oh well, I can say I bought him a drink. What's 9 bucks? That was one rockin' mutha..shut yo mouth!

How many Americans have died in Iraq thusfar? 1760?
From now on, any American president that starts a war should send HIS first born to lead the charge! This shit sucks! I can't imagine losing one of my kids in this bullshit!
Where does it end?


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