Monday, July 18, 2005

TA rocks?

I wanted to defend myself a bit about the name of my website. terryandersonrocks seems to imply a rather extreme amount of self importance and I've always hated that about it. It's like "Who the hell does this guy think he is, telling everybody that HE ROCKS!" But at the time when I was choosing a domain name all of the ones that I really wanted,,, and others less pompous were taken. I ended up using terryandersonrocks because one of the clubs that I've played (pretty much my whole musical career here in Raleigh) was The Brewery and their website is (or was, I haven't been there since my man Kenny sold out) So I tried that and putting "rocks" on the end of my name DID discern which Terry Anderson it was. I definitely didn't wanna be confused with the radio personality in LA or the hostage journalist who was held captive for so long by Iran! Once the new site is up though,, everything about the band will be on THAT site (and it's coming together quite nicely). But just as soon as that site is up, my original site terryandersonrocks will be about nothing but ME, ME, ME!! It's all about ME! sickening doses! How long I slept, what I had for dinner, who I talked to and why, where did I go?.....nothing but ME, ME, ME!! I CAN'T WAIT!!


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