Thursday, July 28, 2005


I swore I wasn't going to. No way. You old farts ain't gettin' me this time. Too late, the wife's already bought the tickets. Well, I'm gonna justify it by saying it's a small venue (which should rock!) and our older son needs to see'm before they croak. Awe hell, who am I kidding?..I wanted to go. It's always loud as hell and mostly fun until they get to the 20 minute version of "Jumpin' Jack Flash". The new record will probably suck and they'll do too many of those songs, kinda the usual thing from them in the last 30 years. In fact, them sucking so bad is what really inspired me to write songs. I had nothing else to listen to so I had to write my own! There were a few songs (OK, more than a few) that I wrote as I imagined the Stones would do them. But believe it or not, a lot of times when I write I sing in a Bob Dylan voice. It's just plain stupid and downright dumb to do that, but it seems to work. Anyway, (how'd I get off on that?) all I wanted to say was that I'm just glad I didn't buy 2 of the $350 seats like somebody else I know! He said he had to go lay down after that purchase! And what's worse, that was money he had set aside to help get "Butterhead" out! So y'all might have to wait another couple of weeks, and once's the damn Stones fault. I guess Macaroon 5 is opening, they haven't announced who, to my knowledge. I Emailed Mac and told him to pull a few strings. I told him that we'd do it for a case of Guiness. Can't beat a deal like that, Mick!

Did I ever tell y'all about how our high school quarterback got drunk as hell one night and walked into his parents room, opened the closet door and pissed all over his Daddy's shoes and then took all of his clothes off and got in the bed with them? Remind me to tell you about the ass beatin' he got from his Dad.


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