Saturday, July 16, 2005

shitboy is back!

the smeller's the feller

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Oh my GOD! The little boy with the paint pealing ass has come back to spend the night. You might remember me tellin' about my neice's son who was born with about half of his intestines. Well evidently, the amount of intestines you have corresponds with how bad your poop stinks! This 6 year old kid whose butt would fit in a medium saucepan has done it again. I'm in the kitchen on the other end of the house with the door closed and all of a sudden the smell of vomiting maggots on a dead skunk starts to waft through the room. NO! It can't be! Sure enuff, it's him! Holy shit! Get the candles! Where's the spray! Turn on the ceiling fans! Open the windows! (I know it's 95 out there!) Everybody out and quick! I gotta rig something up for that boy. Maybe a 1 gallon bucket outside would do it? ....God help us! ....GOD HELP US!!!


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