Wednesday, July 13, 2005

panty sniffer thanked!

Yeah!!!!!!!!! I just noticed that after weeks of blogging I have finally received my first comment! It's from Karen, a self-proclaimed panty sniffer from up in BC, Canada. And though her comment was a bit snide, snotty and snooty it was well intended. So for this reason I am taking the high road. Now, I COULD go all Nationalist on her ass and sass back with a few "America Jr." comments or start talking "a'boot" this or "a'boot" that. But I refuse to do it. Nor, will I tell her that if she don't like it then why don't she just put them panties on backwards, take a big whiff of that skidmark and get the hell OOOT, EH!? Nope, I'm not doing that either. Know why? Because she's right! Why should anybody in the world give a shit on a stick that I woke up that morning with what resembled a flaming pepperoni pizza on my head? Come on, Terry! You gotta do better than that! But in my defense, I will have to say that not only were my senses dulled by 3 bottles of red wine the night before but it was just a slow news day. But on a slow news day does Brian Williams just stare blankly into the camera? Nope, here's what he does. He sets you up with one of those "Y'all ain't gonna bleeve this shit!" lead-ins like "A 100 year old Alabama grandmother falls out the back door of her trailer, busts her ass and loses one of her favorite Sunday shoes, you'll never guess where she finds it.." Then after 3 Geico commercials, a Levitra ad and then one of those "Like a Rock..Chevy is Ford tough!" commercials (you know the one...there's boulders falling all around this guy in a hard hat and shit! that HAT is gonna help!) Brian comes back with.."In the mouth of a dead Grizzly bear.. in the northern woods of Maine... a hunter found a shoe....blah blah blah..." That's what Brian Williams does, makes you glad you're alive on them slow news days and that's what I gotta do! And I have Karen to thank for making me realize that! So thanks for helping to make this a better blog in the future, you 'ol panty sniffer, you! And to show my appreciation I, Terry Anderson, Mr. Songwriterman am gonna write you a song...or a limmerick..or a nursery ryhme..or whatever you wanna call it...

A dark haired blogger named Karen
had not a problem with sharing
that the panties that she once was wearing
she'd sell them to me or to you
But the pair I bought and had gotten
were lost in the mail and hence, rotten
and upon my nose hitting that cotton
I threw them down and said, "Eewww!!"

Now, that's what I'm talkin' A'BOOOOOT!!!
THAT'S a damn blog, EH!?


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