Friday, July 01, 2005

Oh Lo'ard!

I woke up this morning feelin' so punished. Did the job thing and still had no money. The bums got it right, man. If you're gonna work your ass off and still not have anything, why work at all? My other question right now is why...My God why.. did I tell my neice that I would babysit tonight?
Anyhoo..Happy Canada Day y'all...I'll put Celine Dion on and drink a Molson for ya. Yeah, right.
Hey, I did hear that Madonna really hates Mariah Carey...uh, duh....who don't? Thanks for sharing anyway.
Nathan's licking his lips again, which reminds me of when I took him to the doctor for a cough a couple of months ago when it was still cold. His lips were really chapped and the doctor said, "Nathan you gotta quit licking your lips". His response without taking a breath was, "Yeah, everybody's got something they can't stop doin', my dad's is red wine". Uh, thanks kid. Needless to say the Doc fell to the floor laughing and I got snickers from the nurses on the way out.
Y'all have a fifth for the Fourth and check out, it's a good 'ol time. We wanna do a record with her.... uh him or whatever it is.
"Tell ya Mama 'nem I said, How y'all durin'?"


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