Saturday, July 30, 2005

Oakteam masterlist

When you come to an Oakteam show, you may hear (..and at full volume, I might add!) any one of these ditties...

$ of an education
killin' down in dillon
weather or not
daddy had a wreck
I can give you everything
man, that rocks
yesterday clyde virginia
boyfriend 2
mr. busdriverman
yesterday's you
fat lady in the stands
i love you period
nya nya nya
some other world (woods)
gityoassupda road*
purple GTO*
you know me*
sunday dress*
check please*
count on it (woods)
$100.00 a week*
you got the look I like (nick lowe)
crazy like a fox (nrbq)
can’t get the one you want*
battleship chains
all dressed up (new 'hoos)
church folks comin'
feel a drunk comin' on*
hi 'n dry*

(*from "Butterhead") don't yell out for anything else, cuz we ain't playing it!


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