Sunday, July 10, 2005

it didn't look like that on the box!

Woke up this morning and looked at myself in the mirror and thought my head was on fire! Damn! What the hell happened! Oh..I remember now. When my wife was dying her hair I accidently said "Gimme some of that!..No, not that!..the hair dye!" My neighbor came over and said "I think it's gonna be red" "Naw man, see..right here on the box..that's how it's gonna look, just dark brown", I say....

Last night we had a lovely time over at Alison (Guitartown moderator) and Rock and Roll Johnny's house. She has a new job with a wine distributor and asked us to come by for a "tasting". There was a great spread of cheeses and fruits that we grazed on to compliment the wines. Everything we tried was awesome but after the fourth glass of the French malbec, I went straight from tasting to gulping. I really love the Chilean wines though and the reserve Cab she had won over all of'm. From the "It's a small world" category, it turns out that her Mom gave the incredible eulogy at my favorite uncle's funeral. He was important to a lot of people's lives in Hickory(NC) and he and her mom were best friends. Kinda wild, I named my first son after him (and Otis Redding).
We listened to the new Oakteam CD and got thumbs up from her 14 year old daughter, Taylor. When you can please the kids, you got a hit! Remember that!
And I just remembered that I have a hangover...I'ma go lay down..


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Allura said...

You are indeed a redhead.

Hmmm... Husbands and wives dyeing their hair to match... Never heard of that one before! :) Congratulations on being unique.