Monday, July 11, 2005

I'll tell ya where to stick it!

The new Oakteam record, "Butterhead" (I'll tell more about that name later), is not unlike my other records in that the record store guy is not gonna know what section to put it in. He'll hear "Purple GTO", "$100 a week" and "Rehab" and wanna stick in the COUNTRY section. Then he'll put on "Check Please", "Hi n' Dry" and "Sunday Dress" and wanna stick over there in the ROCK section. Well let me help ya out buddy. Here's where it belongs, lets cover all of our bases and put it in the COMEDY section. Right there behind Louie Anderson, the next one should be Terry Anderson and The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team "Butterhead"...perfect!

$100 a week

Damn that woman drinkin' all my liquor
out the door's where Im gonna kick'r
If she don't straighten up it won't be long
I hope that ugly 'ol head's a hurtin'
and I know one damn thang's for certain
She better get'r a job or she's gonna be gone...

Can't pay the rent
Put shoes on the baby's feet
It's all been spent puttin' food on tha table to eat
And we both know I can't afford to go down to the liquor store
and buy enough for her and me
on a $100 a week..

That bitchin' and a moanin's gonna drive me crazy
Sittin' 'round the house gettin' fat and lazy
Lookin' through the catalogue
Seeing what she's gonna git next
While the bills are pillin' up by the hour
Day care, credit cards, water and power
Guess there's nothing to do but write another bad check!

Can't pay the rent...


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