Thursday, July 07, 2005

I will kiss your ass!

Just for shits and giggles, I sent out a few Emails to some record companies to let'm know I have a great new record that is mastered and ready to go if they wanted to hear it.
Not a mass Emailing and none to major labels, but a hand chosen few small ones that I thought would be a good fit for the Oakteam. (Don't worry Bloodshot, I didn't send you one...."Oh, that's just Terry..") I sat down and took the time to search out contact names and sent out something like this:

"...and the hits keep coming!

Terry and his band The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team have a new record. It's 13 butt-bumpin' hits mastered and ready to go! Former NRBQ guitarist, Big Al Anderson called his last record "I'll Drink to That!" the best record of 2001. See why artists like Etta James, The Georgia Satellites, Dan Baird and Jo Dee Messina have covered his songs. Email back and ask for your advance copy now!"

I will fly all over the world, come to your house and personally kiss your ass if I get ONE reply. Like I say, I know this ain't the way ya get a record deal and honestly I really don't want one. Everybody involved will make three times as much money (or more) if we put it out ourselves. That being said, and being more and more known, the record companies days are numbered so they should maybe think about a "kinder-gentler" approach. The only thing they got going for them that my website ain't got is their publicity networking....and anybody can hire a publicist.

Thanks a bunch to whoever bought my guitar, I already miss it!


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