Wednesday, July 27, 2005

had a lot to dream...

Man! I had the wackiest dream this morning! Fo real! In technicolor! My neighbor, Chick (...who's blog-worthy by himself, he's the one that went to San Antonio and came back talkin' about "the Alimony". Took me a while to figger out he was talkin' about the Alamo!) and I were in my back yard trying to understand what had just happened. Burn marks everywhere, my yard had just been cut into an M.C. Escher drawing with interlocking BEARS! Then rising from the trees in the front yard was a huge burning orange flying saucer. We, of course, were astonished as it slowly flew away. I followed it, and as I walked into the front yard I noticed a line of cars and about 2 hundred people lined up and going into the house across the street. The funny thing was that they all had North Carolina Tarheel basketball jerseys either on or in their arms. So I figgered it was some playa's in there signing autograghs. I got in line. When I got into the room where the autograghs were being signed, there sat none other than Lynyrd Skynryd! Not being a fan of them, I was very pissed off that I had wasted all that time in line. But I DID come out with some very cool Lynyrd Skynyrd tank tops. I really liked the brown one with green letters. I woke up, pissed off, mostly cuz I really wanted that damn tank top!


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