Saturday, July 02, 2005


Jack and I have played together since before the other 2 guys in the OakTeam were born. We had a band from '78 to '84 called The Fabulous Knobs. We worked our asses off in that band, doing 3 to 5 gigs a week. So needless to say, there was a lot of time spent riding around in a van together.
One of our favorite things to listen to was a "Best of Jerry Clower" tape. Jerry Clower was a country humorist from Mississippi who told these great stories about people in the South. Now, lately I've been screaming out "Grave Yard Dead!" at the end of certain songs to which that phrase would be relevant, "Killin' Down in Dillon", "Daddy had a Wreck" and "Thunderbird" in particular. It just flew outta my mouth one night and has stuck. Well, now I remember where it came from. It was the Jerry Clower story about him taking the MCA record executive hunting...
"Yes sir we can go hunting, we'll go down to Uncle Versie's farm." They pull up to Uncle Versie's house and Jerry says "wait here I go ask him". Uncle Vercie says "Yeah, Jerry that'll be fine, y'all can go huntin', but would you do me a favor and shoot 'ol Della the mule for me? She's in bad shape and the boys have gotten so attached to 'er they can't find it in their hearts to do it." So Jerry says, "Yeah Uncle Versie I'll be glad to do that for ya". As he's walking out Jerry's laughing to himself "I'm gonna have some fun with that MCA records dude!"...He stomps to the car, "I can't believe it! You know as good as I been to that man he told me that we can't hunt on his land!" He get's in the car and drives off so fast he's throwing rocks against the house. He stops at the end of the dirt road where Della the mule was standing by the fence. He jumps out with his shotgun and "BLAAOOM! Down 'ol Della went, GRAVE..YARD..DEAD! About that time Jerry hears 3 more shots.. "BLAAOOM! BLAAOOM! BLAAOOM! He turns around and says "Man! what are you doing?" The MCA records dude says, "Jerry, that man made you so mad, I killed three of his cows!"


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