Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Email love

I received a very nice Email today from Nigel about an exchange he had with Ace Andres about his song, "A Terry Anderson Song". Thanks for the kind words, guys:


I'm a big Terry Anderson fan and really enjoyed your song " a terry anderson song". I started listening to Terry's stuff after I bought the Yayhoos album. Terry's stuff rocks. What made you write a song about him? -Nigel


As for Terry; well, back in the mid 90's I use to live in LA. I saw actresses that would get leading roles in primetime TV shows because they would have sex with the producer. I knew bands that would open for me, that would get contracts with labels because they stood for the right "cause" or weren't afraid to embarass themselves. (we call those Acts). I said in a newspaper interview once that I'd rather be an unknown artist than a major "act". Terry is the epitome of that statement. He's way to good to be just remembered as a guy that wrote some Sats songs.

He got my respect when he was quoted once in an interview saying that writers today are so predictable when they rhyme something. Then he went on to show how he took the time to rhyme "Schwarzzenegger". That was a major "paradigm" shift for me. My songwriting improved and mostly because I started studying Terry's songs.

So my song "A Terry Anderson Song" that says I wanna hear a Terry Anderson Song, really started out as "I wanna Write a Terry Anderson Song" . The essence of the song is that, I'm tired of the crap that Hollywood is feeding us. I'm reminded of a time back in the late 50's when Buddy died. Hollywood flooded the market with little punk asses like "Fabian" or "Pat Boone". (thus you have the Jessica or Britney reference) And if you bought Terry's "I'll drink to that" Album, my song will make even more sense. Terry's music is better than any of the crap that's being bought and sold by the labels. AND Terry is true to Rock and Roll. He hasn't capitulated and started doing "Novelty" songs. I once asked him how long the public would still listen to rock and he said "until we die".

I respect him and his music. He's a nice guy. And there aint a lot of "Artists" in this industry that I will say that about. To be honest He's one of the only artists I would pay money to see these days. -Ace


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