Friday, July 08, 2005

come on. boy! git ye some!

I hope y'all are savin' these blogs cuz I ain't gonna tell these damn stories again after the record comes out(which should be no later than Sept.1!)...but I was just laughin' about a part in the song "Gityoassupda Road". Right before the solo I yell.."Come on boy! git ye some!". Well here why that's funny: The story goes like this.. as told to me by someone who shall remain nameless, but for the purposes of this story we'll just call him....umm....Dan (since that's what everybody else calls him). But I'm told that Jeff G. (figger it out!) who produced some records by the band Kansas, was on the road with them (Kansas). He was running sound or just hanging or whatever. But anyway, one night he had to room with one of the guys in the band who just happened to pick up a rather large redneck bundle of love...and after everybody got cozzy Jeff hears some moaning in the next bed.."uhhh..yeah..thass right...come on boy!...git ye some!....yeah boy...uh!....git it!" Pretty hot, huh?
Oh my GOD! Just thinking about it makes me wanna ...FO UP!!!


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