Friday, July 29, 2005

All Dressed Up

With apologies to the guys in the OakTeam, and this is absolutlely no slight on those guys because every one of them ROCK MY ASS! I mean seriously,THEY ROCK MY ASS! ..and I have as much fun with them as ANYONE I have EVER played with! And we're talkin' about 28 years worth of gigs here! I can't imagine a better representation of my music than they are! But I gotta say, (well I really ain't GOTTA!.. but if I wanna hurry up and start drinking I GOTTA say SOMETHING!) the recording of "All Dressed Up" on the new Yayhoos record is the best recording of a TA song ever. When you hear it you're gonna have that same feeling as when you first heard "Maggie Mae". It's the same damn thang! It feels like too many's timeless! And I have to say, Timbo and Roscoe did a masterful job of mixing it, as they did on the rest of the record...It's certainly my favorite thing I've done...pretty much, ever!


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rozier said...

when can we hear it!? When will the new Yayhoo's album be available? I can't wait to get one!