Saturday, July 23, 2005

2nd record

I was thinking about my second record today. About how great it is and how I wish more than 40 people had heard it. I would change some things about it though. I wouldn't have let ESD record dude, Steve Daly, talk me into doing "Street Fightin' Man". "One Good Heart" wouldn't be on there either, I kinda hate it. But songs are like taking pictures, ya gotta take some bad ones to eventually get a good one. "Man, That Rocks!" would still be there but it wouldn't have that stupid tape delay on the vocal, AND it WOULD be listed with the rest of the songs on the back of the record. That cover went through 5 different people proofreading it and NObody caught that!
I had a lot of fun making that record cuz I just stayed home for 3 weeks with my little Fender Pro Junior cranked wide the hell open with either my black Tele or my Jerry Jones (tuned in 5 string open G) plugged in. I played a lot of the guitars on that record. None of my solos would compare to Mike Krause's but I did play about 7 and most of'm did not suck. So after 3 weeks of putting keeper guitars and bass (all Jack) to a scratch vocal and drum machine, I took the 8 track ADAT machine over to Wes Lachot's place, dumped it to 2 inch tape and played drums to it. I'd heard the songs so many times at that point that most of the songs only took one take. Singing took about 2 days. Wes was hard on me. I had to sing them perfectly for him and I was glad about that. All in all, I'm pretty proud of that one but there's one other thing I would'a changed about it. I wouldn't have had the CD release party on the same night that Hurricane Fran tore the ass end out of the city of Raleigh! (That's another horrifying story unto itself!)
I'm pretty proud of the first record too but for different reasons. I'm proud of the way it sounds (HUH? are you kidding me?) for one thing, since it was recorded entirely on CASSETTE!... four track cassette no less. It was just a bunch of demos that I had put together like a record and Steve Daly (who heard it thanks to Roscoe!) liked it just the way it was. Some of my favorites that we do live, "Weather or Not", "Yesterday Clyde Virginia", "Fat Lady in the Stands" (and others that we should be doing) are on it. My son, Will, really wants us to do "You Don't Like Me" live. It WOULD be fun. We did it back when it came out. "Ladies Last" is another fun one to do live. It has a stoopid groove!



Brian said...

That first album really kicked ass. Big change with the second, much more rocking bar band sounding. I certainly can see a maturation process from the Woods and through your later work. Another great one on the first album was "Smile Anyway". One of my favorite Woods songs was "Some other World". I guess I like the more pop songs. I loved the Woods & UNC references in the artwork!! I hope one day you guys will be able to release some more of the old Woods tunes. That one disc leaves me a little short. You guys had a ton of great tunes that weren't on "It's Like This" and it sucks that they aren't available. I keep checking back at your website hoping that you guys release some of the old tunes.

TA said...

My sentiments exactly. The Woods had a great record that never got released that was about 100 times better than the first badly produced one. Maybe we'll get that out at some point. Hell, it's only been about what?...12 years since then? Anyhoo..I have in my mind to re-record some of the better songs from my first 2 records as part of a "best of" someday. I think you'll realize what the real TA sound is when you hear the NEW record! Thanks!