Monday, June 20, 2005

Thanks again!

Once again I'd like to thank a few folks for allowing me to have such a great time in NYC this past week:
First of all my wife and kids for lettin' me go. Second, Roscoe and Mary Lee for all of their hospitality, letting me invade their space for 7 days. All of the Yayhoos for working so hard on the record (especially Keith! ha! ha! really..he was there when we needed him). Timbo and Grego for a great jobs of engineering respectively. Everybody that showed up from outta town to the gig last night, yeah you! North Carolina boys and crazy Connecticutans! Also, the folks that left the Ringo show to catch ours, those who bought CD's, those who bought me drinks, those who helped with the load out, those who took the time to introduce themselves and say how much they enjoyed it, the pilots that got us up there and back, the academy, Jesus and every damn body else! You know who you are! Let's do it again sometime!


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Anonymous said...

Yo, Terry

you guys kick ass, I got the live CD at the NYC show and i have been blasting it in my rig since then. Jack reminds me a little of rod stewart

- Mattguitar