Sunday, June 19, 2005


We gave Keith the day off from recording yesterday. Roscoe and I layed down some sick Beach Boy harmonies on "Hurtin' Thing".
'Scoe had a another song he was calling "Between You and Me" that needed some lyrics. He handed the pencil and pad to Dan and me and an hour later he was in there singing'm. I gotta admit they don't suck either.
Got back to Roscoe's place and his wife, Mary Lee had dinner planned, grilled scallops and salad. It was awesome. Had a few glasses of wine while we ate and watched "Apocalypse Now- Redux". ML and I felt like getting out so we went down to the Lakeside for a couple margaritas. The band was doing a bunch of B-side covers and finished with Alice Cooper's "Eighteen". Don't remember much after that.
Well, it's back to the studio and we're gonna take a stab at another rocker, should be fun. That's about it. Oh! there is the matter of a little Yayhoos gig tonight!
Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you! See you soon.


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