Monday, June 20, 2005


The gig tonight rocked like ass..and especially for 4 old men who hadn't really played together for ohhh... a year and a half! Funny how much we remembered. Of course, we did do a (very) quick run through of the set before we left the studio. All of our time this week has been spent on making this record for the people. We (honestly) didn't think about the gig until almost 6pm tonight. In fact, we started cutting the rocker, "What you Fiddina do?", Dan and I wrote 2 days ago at 3pm today. It was done by 5. Overdubs and everything.
But back to the gig... I sold all of the live Cd's I had with me plus 2 I gotta send later and 2 of "I'll Drink to That!" Someone even bought my first one! Damn! I thought everybody had that! I needed the money too cuz I only brought a couple of hundred dollars with me for the week and I forgot about cabs and shit. So thanks a lot y'all!

Here's what the set looked like (from memory):
Comes to me naturally (NRBQ)
What are we waiting for
Monkey with a gun
Oh Chicago
All dressed up (new)
Where's your boyfriend at? (new)
Cryin' out loud
Bottle and a Bible
(Neil Young song I didn't know)
Love train
Killin' down in Dillon
Baby I love you
Little Bit
Gettin' drunk (new)

encore: The Way you do Anything (Yayhoos theme-new)

I think the people got what they paid for!
(of course, it was free to get in)

It's been a fun trip, but I'm looking forward to gettin' back and hangin' wid my homies! Back to God's country tommorrow!


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