Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"ButterHead" news-off to NYC

Jack and I have finally decided on the order of the new OAKTeam record and I am trusting him and Jonathan (the engineer) with mastering duties on Thursday. Brent Lambert is a busy man and if we didn't do it this week there would have been many more weeks to wait. I'm pretty happy with the mixes and Brent can damn sure make'm rock. So here ya go the order is as follows:

Can't get the one you want
You know me (co-write w/ Big Al)
Sunday Dress
Hi n' Dry
Purple GTO
$100 a week
Feel a drunk comin' on
Gityoassupda Road
Check Please
Found Missin'

So there ya go, ya heard it here first. Oh! I forgot to tell ya about the bonus CD with five extra new songs and other fun outtakes and stuff! I'll get to that later, I ain't even started packin' and I'm out the door in a few hours to go make more Rock history with The Yayhoos. "Put the Hammer Down"!! See y'all in NYC!!


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